Ruth LAVALL, born 1950 in Göttelborn, now Quierschied, Germany.
After studies at a higher business school, engaged as secretary to management.
I have occupied myself with painting since my schooldays, preferred are works in mixed-techniques and acryl. In depth self-taught experiences through seminars at the Summer-Academy Wadgassen 1995-1998 under the direction of Alain Simon (Nancy), Vincent Gagliardi (Thionville), Frank Hommage (Nancy), Francis Berra (Überherrn), Leslie Huppert (Riegelsberg).
Since April 1997 working in own studio with arts-group “Studio – Hochspannung”.
1997/98 etchings, group Dagmar Lorenz, Saarbrücken.
1999 wood-etchings at Bettina van Haaren.
2000 photo-seminar with Werner Goebel.
Since March 1999 illustrations for texts (stories, poems) by Karl-Heinz Ziegler, Riegelsberg; partly published in the book “Tree of life” in-house publication; 2002 “Small Moments for the Soul” in-house publication Ruth Lavall/Karl-Heinz Ziegler, 2003 “New ways” in-house publication Ruth Lavall/Karl-Heinz Ziegler.
2006 "Caught - hold on - removed" in-house publication Lavall/Ziegler.
2010 "Encounter" in-house publication Lavall/Ziegler.
My artistic work is for me a very personal contest with the different techniques, a very independent, spontaneous, partly “vigorous” painting, in short a process that commits me, to translate my thoughts and ideas in my own artistic language. I do not wish to be forced into a particular scheme, but to be free enough, to do all and more. The pleasure in the work, as well as the unconcerned disregard of rules, are for me as important as the association with paint; a constant experimenting with the different materials, one’s own admission to the “present”, out of impulse or intuition, help me in the transposition of my ideas.
I know that there are many roads leading to Rom, not all to success, but I wish to achieve that the onlooker is drawn into the works. He should “live” the painting, in the same way as reading a story.

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